Use cases

Education use case

This use case is performed from WP4, led by CIMEA, and aims to implement new and current EBSI capabilities through a two-phase approach. The first phase will be focused on implementing current EBSI capabilities and the second one will address new EBSI capabilities. This use case is based on EBSI Diploma use case specifications. At the end, several cross-border journeys for educational capabilities will be deployed.

Social security use case

The social security use case is led by INAIL, leader of WP5. The objective of the use case is to introduce and implement digital and decentralized concepts within the social security domain through the adoption of an EBSI-compliant infrastructure. The primary focus centers around two pivotal business cases: the PDA1 form for posted workers in Europe and the European Healthcare Insurance Card (EHIC). The advancement of this social security use case will pave the way to the integration of these digital and decentralized principles, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of social security operations.

Business registries use case

This third use case is performed from WP3, led by DDSSSI, and intends to solve existing challenges related to the cross-border and cross-sector interaction of organization identity. Hence, it will address a new EBSI capability related to the development of identity for legal persons and business registries. The collaboration with national business registries and related projects will be essential.