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As result of “WP6. Ecosystem building, policy support and sustainability” activities, an ecosystem tool will be delivered. This tool intends to be a solution to enable the creation of an innovation ecosystem for EBSI infrastructure and EBSI use cases in order to:

  • Educate and extend the network for existing use cases, best practices, capacity building and advocacy support etc.;
  • Support ecosystem building, central internal and external communications, information and knowledge sharing facilities (hubs, other relevant frameworks);
  • Create a self-sustainable ecosystem by implementing a long-term framework based on engagement and aligned with the developments and close cooperation with relevant EU Ecosystem organizations;

The ecosystem tool is now available! The tool has three different options depending on your preferences or interests:


For updates about EBSI-VECTOR (as webinars) events or events related to enlarge our network and to be engaged with this initiative, this is your button!

One-on-one meeting

If you prefer an individual meeting, one of our Ecosystem team members will be available for you. Book your 30 minutes time slot through our calendar!


If you are one of those who are wishing to learn more and more as soon as possible, then check the topics and dates of coming webinars and then, apply to book your seat!